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released March 6, 2016

Produced & Mixed / Nadav Azulay
Vocals, Acoustic / Dror Kessler

Drums / Gil Nemet
Electric Guitar / Itay Pearl
Bass / Shai Zrihan
Guitars, Steel / Dudu Hemed
Acoustic, Keyboards / Nadav Azulay
Backing Vocals / Tamar Capsouto
Recording Tech, Cook / Boaz Even Ezra

Recorded / Cactus Studios, Beer-Sheva
Mastering / Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering , CA USA
Art / Sigalit Aharoni
Production / Sderot BLVD

© 2016 All Lyrics & Music / Dror Kessler
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
(CC BY-SA 4.0)





Dror Kessler Israel

Jaffa / Sderot / Wirksworth

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Track Name: Congratulations
I’m sleeping outside
I’ve got nowhere to go
I’m cutting out the lines
Burning bridges, slamming doors
The future looks certain
Yes, I’m headed for the fall

Situations, they’re driving me again
Hesitation, no longer you’re my friend
Complications, waiting around the bend
Congratulations, it's getting near the end

There used to be a time
When all joy has turned to fault
When cheering up a friend
Turned into a dance with danger fraught
When fixing it up
Meant plunging deep into sloth
Track Name: Sending You Some Flowers
When I called you on the telephone
You're buddy said that you're not at home
But I hear voices
Are your cuddling down there underneath?
Your mouth is open for the kiss
Now that it's over
Now you're turning it around
Sending me to lost and found
Oh baby what's the use?

Of sending you some flowers?
Or counting down the hours
Maybe this is time for us to say goodbye

Do you still have just the slight recall
For all the time and forked and stole
When you were able
Getting knocked out somewhere in a car
Did it make you feel just like a star
Oh did you wonder?
Why you're riding now on the top
Is it because I'm such a flop?
Baby what's the use?

So many things have come undone
Your heart's been torn apart and spun
You thought you were the only one
It's time for you to see the sun

Still, I’m sending you some flowers
And counting down the hours
‘Cause maybe this ain’t time for us
To say goodbye
Track Name: Let Your Body Be Your Mind
You've been away, you took your time
You lost your mind, now you are mine
Locked in a basement of a house you never been to ... I'll be kind

I'll spare you all the courtesy
The higher praise, the sublime
And when your scream your anger out
I'll tell you: "you'll be fine"

I'm leaving you, for a while
When you'll wake up, you'll be fine
Some things are better left behind
Just let your body be your mind

And its becoming dark and cold
Your feet are numb, your shoulder cry
The chains cut through your flesh
You barely move, but yet you smile

As silhouettes appear before your eyes
You wave them off, until they die
Then morning creeps in through the shades
Some cars are passing by
Track Name: Serenade
Then something happened
That never happened again
He started walking
And kept on walking ‘till the end

Then we were running
We were running again
Them people asking
Where have you been, oh my friend

The serenade has left him
He’s free to reign again
Until he heard her calling
He stopped and turned

Then we were talking
About the time that we spent
Then we were singing
The very song we just heard

I will recall the years
The laughter and the tears
They’re coming back
I will recall the years
The marriage and the kids
Until I’m dead
Track Name: She's So Keen
She's got serpents
Running down on her thigh
For you to chase like a beast
On your knees
You will drop as you cry
While she continues to feast

On your emotions
she will dance as you choke
You're a sight to be seen
The world is watching
As she rocks on the boat
With her deadliest sin

Oh she's so keen
Like a mean machine
And she's never stop
Or let the ball get dropped
Until she wins

One of these days
She's gonna light up a fire
Burn your clothes to the ground
And from the ashes
She will spell out D-E-S-I-R-E
And drag you all over town

Your throbbing lust
In the streets she will ride
Like in a July parade
Until you reach for her heart
In a fight
Against your moral decay
Track Name: Being Happy & Free
It's everywhere, you see
People like you and me
Running back into the sea
Falling in love that can not be
Trying hard to get free
From their own misery

Once I thought that being free
Meant running around, carelessly
Pushing luck endlessly
Losing the kids, the family
Shutting out the tyranny
Of mid-life's destiny

"Don't reach reach out, don't peek out
Don't look away, 'lest you'll stray
We fed you once, now it's your turn
To pay us back, with guilt and shame

Now don't you fear, your time will come
When your kids break, the code, the rhyme We'll see you then, being happy and free
Singing songs of love, in a minor key”

Well, you've heard my folks, they disagree
With falling in love, with being free
With running back into the sea
With falling in love that can not be
With trying hard to get free
From their own misery
Track Name: Searching For The Sun
It's getting late
Oh, but not too late
To fall in love
To lose it all, to forget
Your sense of self
Your memories, regrets
Are welcomed here
Just come on near

Your very best
Has yet to come, just get undressed
Put on your cat suite
Hit the streets, you know the rest
Will follow on without a plan
You see
The world’s at your command
It understands

When you’re searching for the sun
Every trick you pull is like a gun
When you know the race has run
The only one left standing is your son
He’s the one

All the joy
Every moment that you had
Has taught the boy
Things he will never learn on TED
To light a fire
Crack some wood
Fix some shelter, cook some food
To know he’s good

Sober or drunk dead
Sane or crazy in the head
Never be afraid
To sing this song
To tell his praise
To be amazed
Track Name: Pretend
When I was just shy of 17
The days were short, the nights were kings
We stayed awake to sing a song
We never thought we could do wrong
Oh yea, that's when I found lust

In the back room of a store
Our bodies pressed on to the floor
Until we lost all sense of time
That's when you told me you were mine
Oh yea, that's when I found out

And now I waken from a dream
Where I keep asking you've been
I wrote a letter to you:
"My lovely girl, Why have you been untrue?"

You're bursting at the seams
Tripping over our best dreams
I'm warning you
But my mind's already set
So I pretend

Then I became 21
I flew a plane, I held a gun
I met a girl, oh so sweet
She took my love and went to sleep
Oh yea, that's when I found pain

On the back of a magazine
In moving pictures on a screen
I've built a world so long and wide
When she'd call, that's where I'd hide
Oh yea, that's when I found love

It's a story about a man
Trying to be the best he can
Every now and then,
He understands, the meaning of his life

Locked up in some bedroom
See him howling at the moon
He's warning you
But his mind's already set
So he pretends

Now most folks think its a sin
To live alone, to be seen
To steal away the time
To never ask nobody for a dime

But I'm happy to recede
Not ever to succeed
I'm warning you
'cause my mind's already set
I won't pretend
Track Name: Tumbling Down
I'm drifting through the vastness of time
To days when you were mine
We're playing hide and seek beneath the vines
Your hair as smooth as wine
Your breast is as warm as summer fire
But your eyes they tell a lie
And I'm tumbling down the stairways of your mind

You see I've been there before
Where warm bodies make for time
Where open arms and legs brings life
To ones who should be tired
Where people that are bound to be free
Are wedlock to retire
Now I'm tumbling down the stairways of your mind

But now I'm overdosed by kindness
Of a girl that's never mine
Her body is a palace I serve
Her gates is where I lie
And when we're all alone, at night
She's walking on a wire
As she's tumbling down the stairways of her mind
Track Name: To The Virgins To Make Much Of Time
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he 's a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he 's to setting.

That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time,
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may for ever tarry.

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