Quite Like Me

by Dror Kessler

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released July 16, 2016

Art: Sigalit Aharoni




Dror Kessler Israel

The ferociously loud rooster in the neighboring yard, the red alert sirens of falling Qassam rockets, the lack of a car in a small town on the edge of the country … the elements on nature indeed! … all give way to Dror Kessler when we puts down yet another heart piercing song on his kitchen table.

Hailing from Israel, recording for the past 15 years and performing solo for the past 5 years
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Track Name: Say It In Greek
Say You will, say you won’t
Say you want me, say you don’t
Say you coming home, say you’re gone
Say you wanna sleep alone

Say you’re happy, say your crossed
Say you’re an angel, Say you’re ghost
Say it’s time for our final toast
Say you’re ready and I’m lost

Say it in English, Say it Greek
Put your mind to it
Come on baby, made it stick
It’s OK … anyway, I’ll stay

Say you’re now a vegetarian
Say you’re only eating fruits
Say you wanna be a presbyterian
Say you’re for killing all the jews
Track Name: Me & You
When I (first) saw you
You were all dressed in white
Nothing much was said
As we boarded the flight

Twenty minutes into the storm
You reached for a bag ‘bout to fall
Then I saw your panties
You were wearing none at all

Now it's seven days and seven nights
And I can’t get you out of my mind
I’ve been touring, sold out, out of sight
Not a face I recognize

I got people calling me
Ask me to sing, to be free
But I can’t get you out of my mind

So I’m not wearing underwear at all
That’s the way it’s gonna been
Right now, in another world
It’s just you and me
Track Name: Goodbye
I’ve been called unlucky
I’ve been called a fool
I’ve been called lonesome
And I’ve been crying for you

I’ve been called chaseman
And hangman, from the roof
‘Cause I’ve been looking out for somewhat
Who looks quite like you

Ain’t it true, when people call me a fool
Ain’t it true, ‘cause I’ve been out of a search, for you
I’ve been spending my life and dime
Around these parts of town

I’ve been called shameless
For running ‘round at night
I’ve been called breathless
For screaming out: “You’re Mine!”

I’ve been cold, away from home
And sleeping on the floor
Yes, I’ve been called many names
But I ain’t seen you name before

This town got the best of us
Or some I’m told
This time I’m gonna run
Let the story of our love be old

Now I’m growing tired
Of running around
I’ve seen the best of friends go by
There were hunted down

I have no wishes to complain
This town game me no sunshine and rain
After all
All I got was pain

So it's goodbye my loved ones
Something will remain
Perhaps this song, or something else
It wouldn’t be the same

Nothing will transpire
From the all the mounds I’ve seen
Nothing but a liar
And a pants chaser through the years
Track Name: It Was A Night
It was a night, a perfect night
And I was looking for you
Did not know where you are, or what you looked like
But I was wanting you
It was a night, a perfect night
And I was feeling you
You know, it's been a while, we’ve grown apart
I guess you felt that too

It was a night, the best of nights
And I was dreaming too
I could not tell my left from my right
Wherever I looked, I saw you
It was a night, a perfect night
And I was playing the fool
You know, it’s been some time, we messed around
I guess you’ve been there too

It was a night, our very last night
And I was fleeting too
I saw you running, tights and all
Were you as scared as I was too?
It was a night, a perfect night
We had it all, but lost
A game is played but once, not twice
I guess you knew that too
Track Name: An Evening At Bart's
They came in, with their new cars / Their caravans, their costly bikes
Their guitars all shining / With bridges made of tusk
Old models and new / All name plated in gold
Their straps without a dent / No stories have they told

And the melodies they played / Were pretty, fast and sleek
No chord was out of place / No string did miss a pick
Their private schooling showed / Through the starch-marks of their shirts
Their boots were clean as new / Not ever have seen dirt

The ladies were all versed / In the art of the mystique
No tooth has gone missing / 'beneath their lips of red lipstick
And although picking was not their game / They sure could read and rhyme
At least enough, so it seemed / For poetry of old times

But when he played, he set upright / His muddy boots ajar
His fingernails all dirty / From working on his car
His timeworn nylon strings / Were probably a century old
But no one took a breath / As the music stories told

"I was not but a child of six / Then living on a boat
When a neighbor gave me a gramophone / I might be musical, he thought
And so, from Bach harmony I learnt / From Mozart and Beethoven parts to sort
From Schubert the art of love / and from my dad a dozen different knots

We moved around a lot / School boys of many I fought
By the age of fifteen / I was nimble as a mountain goat
A vessel of the sea / I will build me, I thought
And so for the pound / The streets with music I hawked

And now, I'm here / Nor am I schooled or vessel gained
And unlike most of you / I have rambled a-many in the rain
But my back it is strong / My music it is real
My senses are alive / The turning of the seasons I still feel

You may think you're trained, polished, taught
But the art of living is not with money bought
But by doing the essentials, thinking bare thoughts
By picking apples from the ground, before they all rot

So stand up, go outside, into the cold
And pay no heed to fear or pain, your souls are almost done for and sold
So you may forget me now, or forever me scold
But live your life, be you young or old

And now I will leave you, I will depart
'Cause you, for me, there is no fresh start
The car still needs me, to repair
So-long friends, be well, do not despair"

So gazing sadly, they all got up
Picked up their instruments, cases now shut
And bowed farewell to the host, the owner of the hut
A meek and quiet creature, by the name of Bart
Track Name: Running Away
Your sister, she’s heavy,
She rides like the sun
Flaming tattoos
On every arm
The tiles of her face
They look like a gun
So isn't it surprising
You can’t feel no one

She said she will marry
To some rich man
Who’ll give her everything
That she can ever name
Now she rides on his horses
Straight into the dark
One day she’ll find out
What its all about

Its like being alone, alone in the dark
Its like running away, away from your past
Its like running away, away from a dart

One day she remembers
How it used to be
She would ride on his horses
Into the sea
She would climb on his mountain
And reach for his gold
And swallow him whole
Like he was a frog

Its like being alone, alone in the dark
Its like running away, away from your past
Its like running away, away from a dart

‘Cause that’s just the way
Things here get done
By running around
By selling your crown
You think that you riding
On top … but you are …
You’re just chasing a dream
Breathless and scarred

Oh … isn’t it a pitty
That people are affriad
Of the very thing
They’re supposed to be

Still, sometimes she recalls
All the moments they had
When he held her in his arms
And whispered instead
Saying: “Please dear
Won’t you listen to me …
I got nothing to say
‘cause my heart it is free”

Its like being alone, alone in the dark
Its like running away, away from your past
Its like running away, away from a dart

The story continued
For many long years
They’d been riding along
Way up on the hills
they’ve been swimming in place
That no one could hear
When she longed for her soul
He said come on dear ...
Track Name: For Ever, For Always, For Certain
Forever ain't easy to come by
For always ain't never to sure
For certain is less than you hoped for
For someone it's hard to endure
Forsaken must sometimes befall us
For sorrow sometimes will call
Four seasons go around on a pinwheel
And tomorrow ain't nothin' at all

The first time that I came by lovin'
Forever was all on my mind
And I never got used to the hurting
Or the searchin' for some love in kind
And it seems like I'm still chasing rainbows
It seems like I'm still on the run
Forever don't mean much in passing
Forgotten don't mean that it's done

Forever, for always, for certain'
For someone forsaken for sure
For any old plan you got workin'
For any old pain you can cure
Forever, for always, for certain'
For someone forsaken for sure
For any old time that you're hurtin'
For all of the love in the world
For any old time that you're hurtin'
For all of the love in the world